The Sure Bet

Well it looks like ProSportsBlog has a perfect record so far nailing the predictions on the Atlanta and Denver (whew that was close!) Thanksgiving games.

Now I dont want to tout my own horn for a number of reasons which UFABET ราคาบอลดีสุด

are detailed below:

– Going 2-2 although nice is no big deal and easily achievable by people with absolutely no prior betting experience or for that matter knowledge of professional football;

– As we will all soon find out, my record although hopefully good, is going to be nowhere near perfect; and finally

– There is no such thing as a sure bet due to all the factors that affect a game’s outcome such as weather, travel and the individual performance of all the players involved.

So therefore, this sports handicapping thing is just a hobby which we all use to tell our friends “I told you so” or “my team rocks” or “your team sucks” or …..well you get the point.

Its nothing more than a hobby because nobody can possibly win on every single bet right? I mean its possible to win on 50% or 60% of your wagers consistently but is this winning percentage enough to base an sustainable business plan or income on? Can people make a living betting on sports?

Believe it or not: Yes you can and many people do every day! When I found out about the simplicity of the Sure Win sports bet, I was amazed at how simple the concept was. It is based on a concept that is very common in financial markets and is implemented everyday by professional currency traders worldwide. It is the concept of Arbitrage.

According to, Arbitrage is:

ar·bi·trage (ärb-träzh) n.
The purchase of securities on one market for immediate resale on another market in order to profit from a price discrepancy.

In other words, arbitrage is the opportunity to buy an asset at a low price then immediately sell it in a different market for a higher price. One good two markets, immediate profit, no risk.

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