Ways To Support Local Business

COVID-19 has brought an enormous toll on our local economies. With over 100,000 small businesses have closed permanently because of the pandemic, local businesses need our help now more than ever.

Searching for ways to aid your favorite local business (besides ordering their takeout seven days a week)? Listed below are five seriously impactful things you certainly can do online to provide them a helping hand.

Trust read more when we say: they’ll thank you for it.

  1. Leave an Effective Google Review

Fact: 63.6% of consumers visit Google to test for reviews of a business.

Of all the review platforms on the market, Google reviews are possibly the most critical to local businesses’ success. And while business owners are always grateful for stars – as nearly 1 / 2 of consumers won’t use a business with significantly less than four stars – adding your account could make your review, and the business you’re reviewing, go the extra mile online.

Effective reviews will help Google – and potential customers – better understand the nature of a business. This can allow them to see when locals look for certain products or services, bringing more visitors (and potentially more revenue!) to their site.

Tips for Leaving Better Google Reviews

Effective reviews don’t take long to publish – 3-4 short sentences can do! Take a look at these quick strategies for leaving a more effective Google review.

Tips for leaving a more effective Google review:

Be specific: Mention these products or services they provided to you and what you liked about them. As an example, if they’d amazing wings and a good patio outside, call that out! It can benefit people looking for “wings near me” or “patios near me” to find your favorite local business more easily.

If you’re able to, include the name of the city/area of the business in your review. It will help clarify a business’s service area. Here’s an easy way to do this: “XYZ Company is a good Cleveland-area business/restaurant/cafe!”

Mention names: If someone went above and beyond, let them have a shoutout! This is an excellent guideline for almost any review. The employee under consideration will appreciate the sort words – especially when the dog owner reads them!

  1. Leave Reviews Everywhere Else You Can

We can’t state this enough: if you intend to support an area business, review it, and review it everywhere.

While Google reviews are extremely important in their way, numerous other review platforms can help a tiny local business in equally big ways.

  1. Follow, Like, and Touch upon Their Facebook Pages

Liking and commenting on your favorite local business Facebook pages is not only a supportive gesture, but it could actually help connect them with an increase of customers and potentially grow their business.

How could you ask?

Facebook users post millions and an incredible number of posts, photos, articles, and more every day – over 350 million, to be exact.

To lessen clutter and make everyone’s timelines more relevant, Facebook’s algorithm is designed to show users content it thinks will be the most important, fun, or interesting to them.

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